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I asked for Ivory's thoughts on Maidenhood, now it's your turn.

002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when of if I started shipping it: FFT. Yeah, for this one, we gotta go FAR back, because Maidenhood has pretty much always been my OTP. I was a fan of the Robin Hood legends pretty much from the time I could read, so Robin and Marian have always been a couple in my mind.
  • my thoughts: Still don’t know what to do with this question, so. Let me say that I’m answering the rest of the questions specifically about the board characters, not the general legends.
  • What makes me happy about them: I love how they can’t stay mad at each other for more than like a page of RP. They’re both so mellow and understanding, but it’s like… something that they’ve learned to be. That both used to be really stubborn, and they would close off and not talk to each other, but they learned that those things didn’t work, so now they’ve got themselves handled.
  • What makes me sad about them: Baby. They can heal, but they can never COMPLETELY heal from something like that.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: I’M REALLY SORRY I DON’T READ FANFICTION. But I do get annoyed at Marian/Guy of Gisborne shipping. Especially since Guy was supposed to be a crazy assassin man who wore… I think it was a horse head? Something odd.
  • things I look for in fanfic: See above.
  • My kinks: I know Chris and Jacquie like water! And Tumlr!Chris was asking if they could get a hot tub a while back XD I think he’s still interested, but the money went into building a nursery instead. Baby room comes before sexy hot tub time. … even though usually baby comes after sexy hot tub time. /shot
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Jacquie with Gold I mean what. Chris… He’s the kind of guy who COULD function with any number of ladies, but he’s been so altered by Marian/Jacquie, he wouldn’t WANT anyone else.
  • My happily ever after for them: Married, two planned children and a surprise third, curse broken, and they take the kids to Disneyland. And meet Robin Hood and shoot with Merida. Because hahahaha XD
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I just opened my notebook for my Social Problems class and I was looking for my syllabus but a list of Mad Swan ‘Tremendous Romantic Potential’ prompts fell out onto my lap along with a half-finished prompt.

KERRY. *shakes fist*

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* why i like them Imp. He’s so FREAKY and CREEPY and he’s like this insane little five year old. And Robert Carlyle. I was already a fan since before ONCE and before SGU, so I was already doomed to like the character. I love that he’s about equal parts attraction and repulsion. He’s fascinating, so you can’t run away, but he’s frightening, so you can’t step closer. He looks like a lizard, and yet he is so completely charming. Scary mofo, that one.
* why i don’t Seriously, turning people into snails and then stepping on them? Not to mention that whole thing where he’s manipulated Emma’s entire life and helped curse an entire town, tearing apart everything just for his own selfish goal. I mean, go you, father getting to your son… that’s noble of you, but… dick move, there, Rumple. Dick move. Not okay.
* favourite episode/scene The one that sticks out in my mind is shepherd!Rumple talking to Zoso. The whole “I’m the town coward. The only thing I’ve got is my boy” scene. I mean, it’s heartbreaking, yeah, but… just his face when he’s talking. It’s like he’s trying to be strong for his kid, but there’s only so much he can do, and as he talks he just slowly crumbles and… gah. Carlyle. *shakes fist*
* favourite season/movie/arc I like the majority of the Baelfire arc. I mean, that’s his basic storyline there, but the small scene of telling Emma “Before you know it, they’re gone” to finding out about Bae, to the scene with August… and theoretically some of the moments with Neal, even though I’m still pissed about the whole Nealfire thing.
* favourite line "Rumplestiltskin." He says it many times, but specifically the one when Regina corners him into saying it in the cell. Chills every time, man.
* otp Gold/a steady-or-at-least-salvageable relationship with his son
* favourite platonic relationships Rumming. Come on, shepherd bros.
* head canon His curse is sentient, and he is way too attached to The Great Gatsby. And he hates Star Wars.
* unpopular opinion I don’t ship Rumbelle.

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SYHT (I literally closed my eyes and pointed at random letters on my keyboard and then giggled about how I almost spelled shit.)

OMG I KNOW WHAT THIS WAS FROM!! This is from this post:

Holy crap, Tumblr!! It never told me I had a message! Bah. Okay. Well.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon
Show you? I don’t know how I’d SHOW you, but I can TELL you. My favorite headcanons are my two best known Mr Gold headcanons: That his favorite book is The Great Gatsby, and that he swears in German.

Y - A fandom you’re in but have no ships from
Ooooh…. Supernatural counts, I think? ‘cause I’m new to it, and there’s nothing I ship yet. But a fandom that I was in for the duration of the show without ever shipping anyone: 24. Hard to ship people when they’ve known each other for less than a day. Coworkers got together, sure, but that didn’t really make any difference to me.

H - Do you prefer characters from real action series or anime series
Real action. I’m not an anime fan. Not that I DISLIKE it, I just…. don’t pay attention.

T - If you mostly have homoships, do you have any heteroships
Lemme skip over this one and answer “U - If you mostly have heteroships, do you have any homoships”, since most of my ships are hetero. Do I have any homoships? I theoretically ship Rumple and Charming, but wouldn’t want it canon. Beyond that, I don’t think I have any others? None that are coming to mind. Destiel, maybe, but I’m nowhere near getting to Castiel’s episodes, so any shipping is just from Tumblr.

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fructoselollipop replied to your post: … also, do I see a banner ad on Tumblr? Why is…

I’m having the same problem. WAT DO?!

OH HEY. HEY. Okay, so is there a thing below it that says “ads not by site” or something stupid? I’ve got Google Chrome, and apparently some bastard extension latched itself onto my browser. It was called “Codec-C” I believe. All I had to do was go check on my browser extensions, and there it was with the rest of them. Just hit delete, and the problem was solved.

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